Shanin Renee Art Gallery exclusively represents Dutch artist Théo Schildkamp and the H. Grady private collection of late American artist Charles Malcolm Campbell originals.


Théo Schildkamp has a delightful figurative style, with women and animals often the subject of his paintings. This intriguing combination evokes an atmosphere of surrealism, magical realism, and thoughtful symbolism. Théo also uses elements from pop art and street art that reinforce his unusual and alienating—but very personal—images. Théo's art exhibitions are wildly successful, from France, to Holland  tp Germany to the Southwest United States, his collectors admire and respect the artist and his art. Shanin Renee Art Gallery is honored to be Theo's exclusive US representative.


Charles Malcolm Campbell (1905–1985) has been hailed as one of the more distinctive and imaginative contemporary American artists of our times. In a highly individual style, he combines rich, vibrant colors with elaborate textures and composition. Each piece has its own unique balance of design. Shanin Renee represents the H. Grady Private Collection of over 100 Campbell originals, all available through the gallery. 


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