Théo Schildkamp

“Looking at a work of art is meeting yourself.”  Théo

Artistic Style

Artist Théo Schildkamp seeks his inspiration outside of everyday reality and within the images of dream and fantasy. All elements in his paintings are taken from reality, remaining recognizable; however, by removing them from the usual environment and placing them in an unusual context, an alienating effect is created. In this way, he paints realistic-appearing scenes that evoke a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, a world between fantasy and reality. His compositions, therefore, show great affinity with surrealism, magical realism, and symbolism. The women who figure in this world are personifications of abstract concepts—those of love, loneliness, decay, impermanence, fate, beauty, or vanitas. They dominate paintings that are full of symbolism, often ironic, sometimes slightly absurd, beautifully narrative, and always aesthetic.



After graduating from the renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, Holland, Théo had a flourishing and successful professional practice as an illustrator, designer, and publicist in his studio in Provence, France. Now back in the Netherlands, he devotes himself entirely to painting. He prefers to paint with acrylics in a figurative, narrative, and symbolic style.


Solo Exhibitions

2023   Mick’s Art Collectief, Emmen, The Netherlands

2022   Théo / Rumi Tree Art Gallery, Sedona AZ, USA

2022   Théo Schildkamp / Galerie H10a, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

2017   Carré d'artistes, Sedona AZ, USA

2014   Théo / Art Choices, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

2013   Théo Schildkamp / Ernst Sillem Hoeve, Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands

2011  Rien que La Femme / La Baume, Sagries, France

2011   Rien que La Femme / Fourcadier, Montpellier, France

2010  Rien que La Femme / Galerie Mignon, Wijk Bij Duurstede, The Netherlands

2010   Rien que La Femme / Galerie Op 90, Enschede, The Netherlands

2001   Go Go / Go Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1992   Kunst Achterom / Galerie Achterom, Haaksbergen, The Netherlands

1989   Théo / VNO, Den Haag, The Netherlands

1982   Théo Schildkamp / Galerie Acanthus, Maartensdijk, The Netherlands

1981   Nature / Philips Ontspanningscentrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

1981   Van Dinosaurus Tot Donald Duck / natural history museums

     (travelling exhibition), The Netherlands

1979   Tussen Hemel En Aarde / Natura Docet, Denekamp, The Netherlands

1977   Exhibition Théo Schildkamp / Art Center Ina Broerse, Laren (NH), The Netherlands

1975   Paradijselijk / Galerie Paradijs, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

1975   Théo Schildkamp / Galerie Duivendrecht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1974   Théo Schildkamp / Ausstellung Kreis Coesfeld, Coesfeld, Germany

1974   Facetten / Galerie Facet, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1974   Théo Schildkamp / Palthehuis, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

1972   Kunst Rondom / Openbare Bibliotheek, Deventer, The Netherlands


Group Exhibitions

2022   Carré d'artistes Le Touquet, Paris Plage, Le Touquet, France

2021   Carré d'artistes Saint Germain en Laye, Paris, France

2020   Saxton and Schildkamp / Rumi Tree Art Gallery, Sedona AZ, USA

2018   Carré d'artistes Philadelphia, PA, USA

2016   Carré d'artistes, Lisbonne, Portugal

2014   ART International / Maison des Relations Internationales, Montpellier, France

2010   Rien que La Femme / Galerie Beetje Kunst, Bilthoven, The Netherlands

2010   Art en France / Galerie Art en France, Luxeuil Les Bains, France

2010   Adriènne Basse / Domaine L'Adriènne Basse, Coulobres, France

2007   Holland Art / Holland Art Gallery, Luxeuil Les Bains, France

1984   Herfstexpositie / Singer Museum, Laren (NH), The Netherlands

1983   Théo Schildkamp / Galerie 1881, Diepenheim, The Netherlands

1981   Né dans la rue – Graffiti / Galerie 51, Ede, The Netherlands

1973   Twentse Kunstenaars / Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands